Featured Conferences

Find information on NDC’s participation at various conferences here. For each conference, find information on NDC’s presenters, presentation abstracts, recommended resources and presenter bios. Links to conference official websites are also provided.

April 2018

April 13-17 - American Educational Research Association Conference - New York City, NY

Change Over Time in Educational Attainment for Deaf Individuals From 2008 to 2015Garberoglio, Cawthon & Sales

April 16-19 - National Summit for Educational Equity - Arlington, VA

Change through Dialog: Working Together to Improve Education and Employment Outcomes for Deaf Individuals, Garberoglio & Cawthon

March 2018

Mar 2 - Annual Assistive Technology Conference - Guam

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes, An Introduction; Communication Access Technology for Deaf Individuals, Ivanko, Guerra, & Zito

Mar 19 - Indiana Transition Conference - Indianapolis, IN

Play Deafverse: Choose your Future; Setting High Expectations and Fostering Self-Advocacy Skills Among Deaf Youth for Parents and Professionals, Kinast

Mar 23 - 25 - California Educators for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Conference - Sacramento, CA

Change Through Dialog: Working Together to Improve Education and Employment for Deaf Individuals, Cawthon & Shadburne

February 2018

Feb 15 - 17 - ACE-DHH - Tucson, AZ

Educational Attainment Gaps, Garberoglio & Cawthon

Feb 23 - Oklahoma Leadership Day - Tulsa, OK

Working Together to Improve Education and Employment, Garberoglio, Palmer, & Shadburne