National Coalition of Latinx with Disabilities & Coalition of Texans with Disabilities: Cultivating Leadership: Creating Agents of Change

Community Conversations: Mobilizing Local Communities to Make Change Happen, Guerra, D; May 31- June 2, 2018

Presentation Summary: There is no simple solution to the challenges and barriers encountered by deaf individuals. The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes believes that the path to improved outcomes for deaf individuals includes actively involving communities surrounding deaf youth, including being culturally responsive with intersectional identities. This presentation provides an overview of the NDC community model. This conversation model invites community members into the process of identifying critical needs and potential solutions, thus increasing buy-in and the chance for successful impact on improved postsecondary outcomes. At this workshop, NDC will work in solidarity to affirm, celebrate, and collectively uplift our disabled Latinx community through community building, gathering resources, and education.

Recommended Resources: Postsecondary Outcomes of Deaf Women, Deaf People and Educational Attainment in the United States: 2017



Diego Guerra

Photo of Diego Guerra

Diego Guerra is passionate about community engagement. As the coordinator, Diego is responsible for Engage for Change | local, a community model that brings people together to promote stronger networks within local communities, which leads to quality access, services and resources for deaf individuals. Diego holds a bachelor’s degree in history from The University of Texas at Austin.