Hawaii Student Success Institute

Disability Services Professional’s Guide to Deaf Services, Tia Ivanko & Lauren Kinast; March 1, 2019

Presentation Summary: This presentation will introduce a series of resources, “a toolkit”, for disability service providers to draw from as they navigate accommodations and auxiliary services for deaf students. Presenters will guide participants through standard practices and offer a framework for both novice and experienced providers to add to professional repertoire.


Tia Ivanko, MA, NIC, ADAC

Photo of African American woman with shoulder length straight hair and black shirt with tan and red plaid scarf


Tia is an educator who is passionate about creating equitable educational experiences for deaf people and increasing the professional capacity of the people who teach and support them.

As Associate Director and Co-Principal Investigator at the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC), Tia works in close tandem with Director Carrie Lou Garberoglio, PhD, to manage the organization, in particular leading eLearning initiatives, the Help team and technical assistance services, staff development, and project workflows.

She draws upon her extensive professional expertise, community experiences, and personal interest in diversity, inclusion, and equity to promote NDC’s mission of #DeafSuccess.

A nationally certified interpreter (NIC), Tia brings a deep knowledge of accessibility and professional practices in the interpreting field to her work. In addition to teaching and mentoring interpreters working in education settings, she has a special interest in removing barriers and biases that people of color encounter as consumers of and professionals in the interpreting field.

Tia was also recently certified as an ADA Coordinator (ADAC), demonstrating her mastery to oversee and coordinate compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide professional support to others.

For seven years, Tia has worked under this federal funding line for technical assistance and dissemination, concentrating on accommodation and accessibility practices, resource development, and innovative professional development for practitioners in the field. Before joining the grant, she worked as a deaf services coordinator, collegiate program director, and a teacher of the deaf.

Raised on the east coast and now living in Texas, Tia has been connected with deaf people since her childhood. She earned her master’s degree in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College and her bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College. When she is not working, you will likely find Tia trying to convince her two children to play a board game, make a craft, or hike one of Austin’s many trails to savor life’s moments that fade all too fast.


Lore Kinast

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Lore Kinast previously worked at public state universities and community colleges coordinating interpreting, captioning, and accommodations for deaf students to access their education.  Along with the 15+ years of experience coordinating services, she has served on several advisory committees or as a board member for various organizations supporting the provision of access and services for deaf individuals.  Prior to working in the postsecondary education sector, she worked as an employment development specialist for deaf individuals providing job coaching, employment skills training, and awareness and consultation to employers.  Lauren received her master’s degree from California State University, Northridge in Educational Administration and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree at Texas Tech University in Higher Education Leadership with an emphasis on serving deaf students.