Indiana Transition Conference

Play Deafverse: Choose your Future, Lauren Kinast; March 19, 2018

Presentation Summary: This session is an introduction to NDC’s new interactive online game for deaf youth. Deafverse is a digital-based game that allows players a safe space to test their choices and help them understand the impact of their decisions. This session will introduce deaf youth to the self-paced online game and how they can strengthen their self-advocacy skills.

Recommended Resources for Students: ADA Video, Self Advocacy - The Basics, Self Advocacy Skills and Transition Planning for Deaf Students, DeafVerse- Choose Your Future

Setting High Expectations and Fostering Self-Advocacy Skills Among Deaf Youth for Parents and Professionals, Lauren Kinast; March 19, 2018

Presentation Summary: Deaf youth face many barriers and challenges as they move from high school into college, training programs, and the workplace. Parents, teachers and other professionals make a significant contribution to the expectations and beliefs of a young deaf individual’s abilities and future attainment. This workshop will provide parents and professionals with some strategies to foster high expectations and self-advocacy skills within deaf youth, both of which have a considerable impact on their educational outcomes and future employment goals.

Recommended Resources for Parents: Self Advocacy - The Basics, Research Summarized: Promoting High Expectations for Success, Effects of Parent Expectations and Parent Involvement in Post-School Outcomes for Deaf Individuals
Recommended Resources for Professionals: Professional Preparedness and Perspectives on Transition for Deaf Individuals, Self Advocacy Skills and Transition Planning for Deaf Students,, Role Models as Facilitators of Social Capital for Deaf Individuals: A Research Synthesis

Lore Kinast

headshot of caucasian woman with shoulder length straight blonde hair, glasses and black shirt with gray jacket

Lore Kinast previously worked at public state universities and community colleges coordinating interpreting, captioning, and accommodations for deaf students to access their education.  Along with the 15+ years of experience coordinating services, she has served on several advisory committees or as a board member for various organizations supporting the provision of access and services for deaf individuals.  Prior to working in the postsecondary education sector, she worked as an employment development specialist for deaf individuals providing job coaching, employment skills training, and awareness and consultation to employers.  Lauren received her master’s degree from California State University, Northridge in Educational Administration and is currently pursuing her doctorate degree at Texas Tech University in Higher Education Leadership with an emphasis on serving deaf students.