National Deaf Education Conference

Visit NDC’s booth and get data on Educational Attainment and Employment Outcomes of deaf individuals. Get resources created to support deaf individuals as they transition to college or training after high school.

Fostering Autonomy in the Transition Planning Process, Erika Shadburne & Kent Turner; June 20-22, 2019

Presentation Summary: While High School completion rates for deaf youth are on the rise, deaf youth still face many challenges as they move from high school into college, training programs, and the workplace. Barriers may be based on attitudes, programs or systems resulting in low expectations and limited opportunities in different settings. Being able to work through these barriers starts with expectations and beliefs about a deaf youth's skills and future achievements. The workshop will look at the role of parents, professionals and community members in setting expectations and finding ways to develop self-advocacy skills in deaf youth. Participants will learn about NDC resources and explore strategies to encourage autonomy in deaf youth at home, school, and in the community.



Kent Turner

kent turner

Kent Turner brings more than five years of experience in classroom instruction and curriculum design. Gamification, the process of adding game-design elements to school curriculums, is his passion and he wrote his thesis on this approach at University of California, San Diego, where he received his M.A. in Bilingual Education. Wielding a Sword of Learning and Shield of Gaming, Kent’s idea of dungeon-crawling is coordinating NDC’s development of Deafverse, an educational game that allows players to make choices and navigate life as a deaf person. Deafverse continues to grow to this day, with new episodic adventures and a curriculum toolkit. On any given day, you can find Kent tinkering away at the latest innovations in gaming.