November 20-22, OCALICON, Columbus, Ohio.

Session Summaries:

Deafverse: Fostering Self-Determination through a Game-Based Curriculum
Self-determination is a key component of postsecondary preparedness in deaf youth. Drawing from existing evidence-based research, the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) has developed an online choice-based game and curriculum to foster development of self-determination skills as deaf youth navigate access in common situations in the community, school, and the workplace. This session will showcase NDC’s innovative game-based learning approach allowing youth to safely engage in different roles and respond to situations they will encounter in real life.

Accessible Summer Programs
Summer programs offer authentic opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, practice using a range of communication strategies, and enhance overall growth. NDC will share their collaborative project on ‘Accessible Summer Program’ and the evidence supporting camp programs ability to improve a young person’s perception of their future, including but not limited to: personal, educational, and career development.

NDC Staff