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Interpreter Influence on Self-Advocacy Development in High School and Beyond, Sarah Brown, Tia Ivanko, & Claire Ryan

Presentation Summary: This presentation will focus on NDC’s national initiatives from the Postsecondary Interpreting Task Force. Currently, the task force is seeking opportunities to foster reflective practice of deaf-centered services, one of them being feedback. The purpose of formative feedback in postsecondary institutions and programs is to continue a dialog regarding the fit of the professional within the specific context and to support the interpreter as an effective service provider. The presentation will present summarized task force activity to date, discuss reflective practice in the context of the role of the interpreter in promoting postsecondary accessibility, and identify opportunities to empower students to offer input on the effectiveness of communication access. The perspectives of deaf student clients are essential to this process and may bolster educational outcomes. .


Sarah Brown

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Sarah Brown became a certified sign language interpreter while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Counseling with an emphasis on deaf communities. After over 20 years buried deep in the profession of community interpreting, she’s thrilled to be at the National Deaf Center where she finds reasons to use technology in new ways to assist in coordinating access within the deaf community.

Tia Ivanko

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Tia Ivanko works to promote conditions for optimal success for deaf students by providing information, gathering evidence based resources, and developing training, and providing consultation and support to inquiring stakeholders.  Tia brings over 15 years of professional experience and a comprehensive range of expertise related to education and communication access for deaf individuals; She also has experience evaluating, implementing, and overseeing accommodations and access services. Tia is also a nationally certified interpreter, knowledgeable of technical, ethical, and professional practices within the interpreting field. She holds a master’s degree in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College and a bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College.