How can I find my username or password?

Your username is the email address you used to sign up for Deafverse. If you forgot which email address you used, email us and we’ll help you out!

If you forgot your password, recover it here.

I played the beta version of Deafverse and now my login doesn't work.

With the official launch of Deafverse, everyone is asked to create a new login and experience the new adventure.

What are the accessibility options for Deafverse?

The game delivers information in ASL, English text, and English audio voiceover. The ASL videos have replay and pause buttons, customizable with video speed controls in the options menu. The English text has audio voiceover with an auto-play toggle. The text size is adjustable. Gameplay is compatible with most screen readers. You can find the Accessibility Guide here.

What do I do after I finish Deafverse?

You will get an email that celebrates your accomplishments! You can forward the email to a friend, parent, or teacher. Download our Player Strategy Guide, subscribe to Deafverse updates, and share game GIFs!

Something went wrong while playing the game. How can I fix it?

Try reloading your web browser first. If the problem continues, email us with a description of BOTH the problem and what happened right before the problem appeared. Your feedback will help us improve the game for you and other players!

When I close the game, can I go back to where I left off, or do I need to start over again?

If you left the game, the game saves your most recent choice and will take you back to where you left off. When you login, you can either resume your current game or start over from the beginning.

Can I adjust the game’s settings?

Click the gear icon on the top right corner to access the options menu. Adjust audio, video, and language settings to best suit your preferences.

If you have any other issues, please let us know and we’ll fix it!

What type of app is Deafverse? Can I play it on my phone?

Deafverse is a web-based app and can be played on any device connected to the internet with a web browser.

How will you use my data?

Deafverse follows the University of Texas privacy policy when collecting and using data.

My question isn’t listed here. How do I get help?

Send us an email! We’re happy to answer your questions and receive your feedback.