Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I create an account or register for a course?

Visit our course catalog at, click on a course you wish to take and enroll in that course. You will be directed to create an account to access our e-learning courses or use the sign in option if you have an existing e-learning account with NDC. If you are having difficulty with registering for a course contact

Is there a registration fee?

No. All of our courses are free. You must register and enroll in the course of your choosing. See our website or course catalog for more information on available courses.

What is my username?

Your username will be the email you used when you originally enrolled in a course.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password for an e-learning account, use this link and select "Forgot Password". You will need to enter the email address associated with your account. If you do not receive a password reset email, check your spam folder. If you continue to have issues with resetting your password contact

How do I update my user information on Canvas?

See instructions to edit your user settings.

How can I be notified when a new course is being offered?

Sign up for updates via our newsletter, or follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to stay on top of new course offerings.



Are there enrollment limits for the courses?

Our self-paced courses have no enrollment limits. Facilitated courses have posted enrollment limits. You can always join the waitlist if the facilitated course you want is full.

Is there a specific time limit for course enrollment?

For self-paced courses, you are free to complete the work course at your own pace. You can return to your work at any time. For facilitated courses, participants will be required to meet weekly deadlines for a specific time period. No in-person meetings or appointments are required.

Why do I see start dates on several of the e-learning courses?

A majority of our courses are self-paced modules unless stated in the course description as a facilitated course within a specified timeframe. Facilitated courses are typically part of a course series and include prerequisites. To see whether a course is self-paced or facilitated, check our website or course catalog.


Can I leave a course and come back? Can I take more than one course at a time?

Yes. You can leave a course and come back where you left off as well as take multiple courses at the same time. Your progress will be tracked in the course and on your course dashboard. If you completed a facilitated course, you can go back and review your work in the course archive.

I failed the final quiz for a self-paced course and can’t continue. What do I do?

In some self-paced courses, you will have only two attempts to score at least 80%, or 12/15, on the final assessment. These requirements are designated on the course homepage and in the final quiz instructions. If you fail this assessment twice, you will need to begin the course again. To request a course retake contact

Continuing Education Credit

What continuing education credit do you offer for courses?

Courses may be pre-approved for RID CEUs and/or CRC Clock Hours. Check our website or course catalog for eligibility.

RID CEUs are submitted to RID on a monthly basis on behalf of qualified participants. Participants can submit their member information at the end of each course.

CRC Clock Hours can be obtained when a participant submits their own certificate of completion directly to CRCC. The required signature will already be on the certificate of completion to meet CRCC requirements.

Are these courses pre-approved for BEI CEUs?

No. NDC courses are pre-approved for RID CEUs and CRC Clock Hours only. BEI certified interpreters can utilize the certificate of completion to retrieve credit from a BEI certification entity or licensing agency if applicable.

When will I see the CEUs on my RID transcript?

We submit CEUs once a month to RID and it may take time for RID to process all CEUs for transcript purposes. In general, CEU processing can take anywhere from 45-60 days. If you do not see your CEUs on your RID transcript after 60 days please contact

Certificates of Completion

Is proof of completion provided?

Yes. If you successfully pass one of our e-learning courses you will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion.

How do I get a certificate of completion? What will appear on my certificate?

Refer to instructions at the end of each course to select and generate the appropriate certificate for your needs. Certificate includes course name, date of completion, an estimate of CEU/Clock Hours and more.

How do I get a PDF copy of the certificate?

The certificate is embedded in an email. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a PDF copy of the certificate. If your employer needs verification, they are welcome to email us at However, you can obtain the PDF copy of the certificate by printing from within your email client. Follow these steps and play with your printing settings to “Save as PDF”:

  1. Go to the email message containing your certificate
  2. Click on the print button available in your email service provider
  3. There should be a preview pop-up window to configure your printer/ page layout settings, change the printer destination to “Save as PDF”
  4. Store the PDF to your preferred destination on your computer.