Is registration required for NDC live events?

Yes. Registration is required to attend any live event NDC is hosting.

Is there a cost for NDC live events?

No. All live events hosted by NDC are FREE for all viewers.

Who can attend the live events?

Anyone with an interest in supporting access for deaf students is welcome to attend NDC live events.

Will interpreters or real-time captioning be provided for the live events?

Yes, interpreters and real-time captionists are provided for all NDC hosted live events.If you have additional accommodation needs please email

Will professional development credits be offered for NDC live events?

In the past NDC has offered RID CEUs and CRC clock hours for live events. Appropriate CEUs will be offered for those developments credits based on the content of the live event.  Please check the events page to confirm CEUs are being offered for future live events. 

Will a recording be made available to those who could not attend?

We are pleased to announce that NDC Live events will have recordings available after-the-fact. Availability and instructions for accessing these recordings will be available on our website.

Will professional development credits be available for recorded events?

No, professional development credits are available only for live events.

I did not get the event codes during the events. Can I still receive professional development credit?

No, unfortunately the event code is one of our verifications that you attended the full duration of the event.

I did not see the form for entering the codes for CEUs, how do I get that?

Please email for assistance.

I have the correct codes from the live event, but I am getting an error message, can you help?

The codes are case and character sensitive.  You must submit the codes exactly as displayed and make sure no additional spaces are added before, after or in the middle.  Please also check that the email address you used is entered correctly.

Is there a deadline when I must submit my PD Credit for a Live Event?

You have 30 days from the Live Event date to submit the codes for professional development credit. We will not accept any submissions later than 30 days.

What happens after I complete the link that provides CEUs?

For RID:

We submit CEUs once a month to RID and it may take time for RID to process all CEUs for transcript purposes. In general, CEU processing can take anywhere from 45-60 days. If you do not see your CEUs on your RID transcript after 60 days please contact 

For CRC:

Upon successful completion of your form, an email will be sent to you automatically with your CRC certificate.

How do I get a certificate of attendance for the event?

Event codes are shared at the beginning and end of the live event. You can complete the link provided with the event codes, follow the instructions to generate a certificate.  You can leave the line asking for RID number blank.  A certificate of attendance will then be emailed to you.

Can I receive a printable version of my certificate?

Unfortunately, the survey system we use to generate certificates does not permit us to send printable versions.

I registered for the event, but never received a confirmation email, what do I do?

We recommend checking your SPAM folder of the email you registered with to see if it is there. If you cannot find the email contact us at and we will confirm we received your registration.

I am trying to access the live event, but the link is not working, how do i get access?

Please email for assistance.