Meet Us

We are eager to engage with our diverse stakeholders as new resources are developed. As part of this vital process, NDC has established structured means of connecting with stakeholders at the local, state, and national levels, all with the goal of providing you with timely, relevant, and rigorous information to support evidence-based decision-making.


NDC staff members will attend and present at a variety of national, regional, and local conferences. You can find us at these upcoming conferences. We look forward to meeting you!

Engage for Change

NDC seeks to increase postsecondary success by leveraging evidence-based strategies that address root causes and systemic barriers. One approach is to engage with community members (like you!) in conversations on how we can work together to improve postsecondary outcomes. Through these events, NDC will collaborate with communities to identify promising practices, provide resources, and strengthen the networks that support deaf people and their families. This strength-based approach begins with dialogue and extends into action. NDC will also create mentorship opportunities for deaf youth in local communities.

Engage for Change | local

Engage for Change | local events are happening across the nation. At these events, we

  • share ideas,
  • strengthen community networks,
  • propose strategies, and
  • create systemic change.

Together, we will improve postsecondary outcomes for deaf individuals in your communities!

Engage for Change | state

NDC is committed to partnering with states to make positive change in deaf education and employment at the state level. We invite state teams to join a collaborative and

  • learn about current national and state data on outcomes for deaf individuals,
  • strengthen cross-agency conversations on alignment with state initiatives,
  • identify strategies and resources available to support systems change, and
  • shape priorities for future NDC technical assistance activities.

If you are a state special education or vocational rehabilitation leader and were not able to attend the June 2017 convening, it's not too late! Please e-mail us for important materials and to connect with other states.