NDC Presents at NISOD

Leveraging Alliances: NDC presents to NISOD College Faculty & Administrative Members.

Assess and Support Self-Determination in Deaf Youth

It’s been a tumultuous time for young people over the past few years. Online learning, mask mandates, family health and financial instability, and other changes have impacted youth, who are already feeling uncertain or apprehensive about their transition into adulthood. This is compounded for deaf youth, who must face all these challenges plus barriers to accessibility that are still far too common throughout society.

OSEP Conference Highlights: NDC Resources to Support Deaf Youth in Transition

The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) seeks to improve outcomes for children with disabilities and their families through funding centers like ours, the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC).

NDC Hopes to See You at #NAD2022

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) is heading to Orlando for the National Deaf Association’s (NAD) Biennial Conference! We can’t wait to see everyone during the event, which goes from June 30th-July 4th.

Be sure to catch some exciting presentations by the NDC team and guests. 

New Report: Supporting Deaf College Students

Deaf students are seeking postsecondary education and training at the same rates as hearing students. Yet institutions are not always ready to provide equal access to the full student experience, not only in the classroom but across the campus. This can greatly impact a student’s ability to get started, stay on track, and successfully complete college.

NDC Hosts Webinar on Making Graduation Accessible

Graduation is an important milestone in a person’s educational journey, yet too often these important events are inaccessible for deaf students, their family, and their friends.

Commencements for All: Q&A Session Making Graduation Accessible for Deaf People

April 14, 2022 - 1-2 p.m. CT


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Making sure graduation, an important milestone and acknowledgement for students, is accessible for deaf students and attendees needs to be a key part of the planning of the event. This proactive planning can make the difference between an exciting day with friends and family or a day full of disappointment and frustration.

Commencements for All: Webinar for Making Graduation Accessible

Our Expectations Matter When It Comes to Postsecondary Enrollment

When we think about predictors of postsecondary enrollment and #DeafSuccess, we often look at grades or academic skills. While these are important factors, the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) has found that “high expectations for success” are one of five key impact areas for postsecondary attainment.

Steps to Equitably Include Deaf Students in Assessments

“Regrading tests, I feel so nervous. I feel shut down… Taking tests never elicit good feelings.” – Felica’s Story: Language Backgrounds and Test Access.