NDC Launches Deafverse World Two, Focusing on Fun and Workplace Readiness

Work Based Learning Supports #DeafSuccess

What student doesn’t want to be more independent, take a break from the classroom, and potentially earn their own money? With Work Based Learning (WBL) programs, students can do all three, while also learning valuable job, social, and life skills that they can use throughout their future.

Promoting Youth Development: Building Support Systems

Role Models Have a Big Impact on #DeafSuccess

New! Disability Services Work Group at NDC: Connecting for #DeafSuccess

NDC has been leveraging opportunities to connect people within the community who have shared experiences and seek shared outcomes of #DeafSuccess. Connecting people has been a successful strategy used by NDC to strengthen collaboration, planning, and implementation of practices aimed at improving participation and completion of postsecondary programming for deaf students.

The Benefits of Mentoring

Mentoring is a valuable opportunity for anyone — but it is particularly impactful for deaf youth. Mentoring opportunities offer valuable experiences that contribute to personal, academic, and career development for deaf youth.

“Show me a successful individual, and I’ll show you someone who had real positive influences in his or her life.” — Denzel Washington

The Shift to Online Life Creates Opportunity, and Challenges, for Deaf People

Centering Deaf Students in the Return to School

Start Your Semester Strong with Back to School Guides from the National Deaf Center

NDC Tips & Resources for Reopening Campus

Life during a global pandemic created new challenges for many schools. Faculty, staff, and students had to quickly adjust to online learning and all the new barriers that emerged. Those obstacles were even more pronounced for deaf students, who had to navigate new accessibility needs while transitioning to a virtual classroom.