‘Begrudging Tolerance’: New Report Reveals Deaf Students’ Experience On Campus

Autumn’s story highlights a frustration repeated by many deaf students -- 36% reported that videos on campus did not have captioning turned on.

Featuring the Field: At Rocky Mountain Deaf School, Making Coffee Leads to Employment Opportunities

Editor’s note: Heather Hapke from Rocky Mountain Deaf School agreed to share details about the school’s job training program, which includes an on-campus coffee shop, job shadowing and internships, a summer program, and more.

We at Rocky Mountain Deaf School are honored to be a part of the Trending Topic Tuesday Spotlight as we discuss our history and the successes of our program.

Reflections on Black History Month By Dr. Joseph Hill

Editor’s note: This article was first written and featured on NDC's listserv for Black History Month in 2019. It has been edited and adapted, with Dr. Hill’s permission, to share again in 2020.

More Than Accommodations: Interpreting Task Force Explores Equitable Access

While deaf students are often granted accommodations at colleges, universities, and trade schools, the students themselves carry the burden of requesting those accommodations and following up if they are not provided or do not meet their needs.

However, at many institutions, decisions about when, where, and which accommodations to provide are made with minimal input from the student. Administrators may feel like they have done their work by providing a certain accommodation, but accomodations do not equal access.

Task Force Looks for Ways to Better Foster Self-Determination

NDC’s Self-Determination Task Force brings together experts and professionals from diverse communities and fields annually to discuss how to instill and increase self-determination for deaf students.

This year marked the third annual meeting where members offered additional insights on new practices while building on strategies discussed in previous years; ultimately leading to the planning and development of new resources and actions to take for the following year.

A Holiday for the Whole Family: Tips to Include Deaf Guests

[Disponible en español.]

As a child, National Deaf Center’s community engagement coordinator, Diego Guerra, was the only deaf person in a large, Mexican-American family, which spoke both English and Spanish. Though some extended family members used a few signs, most did not know American Sign Language (ASL).

A Holiday for the Whole Family: Tips to Include Deaf Guests

Diego Guerra, a Mexican-American wearing a white shirt stands between two Mexican-American women with a Christmas tree in the background.
Diego Guerra (center) said Tia Belinda and Tia Juanita work hard to ensure Diego is included in family gatherings.

As a child, National Deaf Center’s community engagement coordinator, Diego Guerra,

New Survey to Help Improve Deaf Student Success on Campus

How do U.S. universities rank with deaf students? According to a nationwide survey of deaf college students last spring:

39 States to Convene at NDC on June 17-19; García-Fernández Presents Keynote

The third annual Engage for Change | state convening at the National Deaf Center on June 17-19, 2019, will gather more than 80 leaders from 39 states to collaborate on improving deaf education and employment throughout the United States.