Raising Deaf Youth During COVID-19: Family Panels Reveal How to Engage and Encourage

For deaf students attending high school and preparing to enter college or careers, COVID-19 is adding uncertainty to a time that, while exciting, is already challenging.

Live Panel October 27: Accessible Instruction for Deaf College Students During COVID-19 and Beyond

Ensuring that every student has access to your instruction is more important than ever, yet can be more challenging due to the pandemic — whether you’re teaching online, in person, or a little bit of both.

Cuidado personal como parte del bienestar mental

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Biografía de la autora: Beatrice Bachleda es profesora de yoga para sordos RYT-500. Ella enseña a las poblaciones sordas y oyentes, incluidos los niños y las personas informadas sobre el trauma. Actualmente, comparte consejos de yoga, atención plena y meditación en las redes sociales en @yogawithbeatrice. También es coordinadora de redes sociales en NDC.

Self-Care as Part of Mental Health

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Author's Bio: Beatrice Bachleda is a RYT-500 Deaf yoga teacher. She teaches the deaf and hearing populations including children and trauma-informed. Currently, she shares yoga, mindfulness, and meditation tips on social media at @yogawithbeatrice. She is also Social Media Coordinator at NDC.

Deaf Success Story: Cookie Brand, School Counselor

Comparta experiencias, obtenga consejos y conéctese con otras familias de estudiantes sordos

Director’s Update: Finding Balance. Gauging Impact. Journeying Together.

Spinning like a top from one task to the next. Living with uncertainty and stress. Finding the small joys where we can.

Summer was full of anticipation for the new school year. Fall now feels simultaneously like more of the same and new challenges to face. 

For me, I often struggle to juggle continuing to triage short-term COVID-19 responses and having the focused energy needed for long term projects. Finding that balance is a daily process — rarely found, but with a strong and compassionate community, a hopeful possibility.

Share Experiences, Get Advice, and Connect with Other Families of Deaf Students

Get Answers About Online Accommodations with NDC Live on Sept. 15

Why can’t I use auto-captions? What does “effective communication” mean? How do I pin the interpreter?

Vocational Rehabilitation During COVID-19: Shifting Online to Support Access for Deaf Students

Vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies nationwide have faced many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they strived to connect with isolated deaf students, overcome technology issues, and continue to support access to Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS), vocational training, and employment.