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Decisions are made everyday that impact the lives of deaf people. Do those decisions truly include deaf people?

A new free online course from the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes helps access coordinators, teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and other professionals who work with deaf people explore the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression when working with deaf individuals and communities in professional settings.

Deaf Centered Practice is a self-guided course that typically takes 3 hours to complete, and is built around stories shared by deaf people, featuring real life examples of how to center their identities and experiences in decision-making. Those who complete the course qualify for 0.3 RID CEUs or 3 CRC Clock Hours.

Learn from Expert Lectures and Real Stories

Learn from experts in the field about how deaf people’s experiences, backgrounds, and identities affect their outcomes, and connect that information to the experiences of deaf people. Get to know deaf people by watching real stories told by the people who lived them.

“There are not enough documented stories that explain the diverse range of deaf experiences,” said Rezenet Moges-Riedel in this video from the course. “In generalizing, we focus on the majority, and neglect the variety of bodies and human experiences, which is why it is important that teachers are aware of the diversity of their students, whether hearing or deaf.”

Increase #DeafSuccess Through Better Understanding

After completing the course, professionals will have new tools to increase understanding, create stronger connections, and forge greater success.

“Deaf people come from all different backgrounds and have very different experiences, strengths and abilities,” said Stephanie Cawthon, PhD, director of NDC. “This course helps you better understand deaf people as individuals and communities, and put them at the center of every decision that affects their ability to succeed.”

Center deaf people. Believe in deaf people. Enroll today.