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Families of deaf students nationwide have an opportunity to connect with each other during two live, online panels hosted by the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes, on Sept. 20 and 29. The panels are open to anyone and free to attend.

For students preparing to graduate high school and enter college, training, or careers, COVID-19 is adding uncertainty and stress to a time that, while exciting, is also already challenging. Research shows that family support during this time is critical to success. And yet, parents, caregivers, and other family members may struggle to balance additional work, life, and other stress themselves. They are not alone.

Get Insights and Build Networks

These two live events will provide valuable insight and resources for navigating accommodations for shifting learning environments, getting the most out of vocational rehabilitation services, building self-advocacy skills and more. But, more importantly, it will give parents, caregivers, and families a chance to share experiences, ask questions, and connect with other families navigating similar waters.

The information provided during the event will go hand-in-hand with NDC’s Deaf Success in Fall 2020: Guide for Families, Parents, and Students, a collection of strategies, resources, and advice. The guide is available in English, ASL, and Spanish.

Panel Dates and Times

There will be two panels, hosted on Zoom:

  • Sunday, Sept. 20, 1-2pm CT

  • Tuesday, Sept. 29, 7-8pm CT

Participants are encouraged to register for the date and time that best fits their schedules; both panels will cover the same information. The event will also be live-streamed on Facebook for those who cannot use Zoom. Detailed instructions for accessing the event will be emailed once registration is complete.

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