Sign language interpreters perform highly complex and essential services for the deaf community. Their professional development shouldn’t have to be inaccessible or costly.

The National Deaf Center (NDC) offers a complete library of online classes for sign language interpreters to earn RID CEUs and boost their knowledge — on their own timeline, at no cost.

NDC recognizes interpreters’ influence on access and opportunities for deaf people. These self-paced online courses are designed to:

  • Increase expertise in critical areas

  • Advance professional development

  • Expand impact on #DeafSuccess

Unique Learning Opportunities

Learn directly from the experiences of deaf people, with insights and strategies based on research findings and real-world examples. Courses are ideally suited for sign language interpreters and many others who support deaf people. They include:

Common Questions about NDC Online Courses

Who creates NDC courses? The full NDC team collaborates to provide their expertise, research, and video production — under the guidance of Tia Ivanko, who heads up e-learning initiatives, and with vital input from NDC’s task forces and external reviewers.

Does NDC provide proof of completion? Yes. When you successfully pass a course, you have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion that identifies how many CEUs were earned.

Are these courses pre-approved for BEI CEUs? No. NDC serves as a CMP Sponsor for RID and approves RID CEUs only. However, BEI certified interpreters can use the certificate of completion to retrieve credit from a BEI certification entity or licensing agency.

When will I see the CEUs on my RID transcript? CEU processing usually takes 45-60 days. NDC submits CEUs monthly to RID, then RID processes all CEUs for transcript purposes. If you do not see your CEUs on your transcript after 60 days, please contact