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Imagine dropping through a portal onto a mysterious island in search of your friend. That feeling of excitement and wonder is exactly what deaf students will feel when they jump into the exciting Deafverse expansion, World Two: Revenge of the Deep!

This latest addition, which focuses on job readiness and related skills, builds upon the unique deaf-centered online gaming experience that began with Deafverse World One: Duel of the Bots.

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC) created Deafverse, the first-ever American Sign Language (ASL) accessible online game for deaf teenagers, as a free, choose-your-own-adventure game that is equally focused on both skill-building and fun. It is specifically designed for deaf players to experience first-person gameplay through different worlds and provides an opportunity for deaf teens to practice self-determination and build self-advocacy skills by allowing them to make mistakes in a safe environment.

With a new partner, Kat, students will search for Catbot, their trusty sidekick from World One, on an island filled with ravenous sea monsters. Along the way, they’ll also pick up vital workplace readiness skills like how to evaluate employment options, confidently disclose deafness, request accommodations, and resolve conflicts that will inevitably arise on the job. World Two also includes a mock job interview for players that helps prepare them for this important step into adult life.

The World Two gaming experience also expands on the existing format with exciting new features that make the gameplay more open-ended and responsive to players’ decisions. It features a completely new environment and has added many more characters for players to meet and work with along the way.

Through these adventures, Deafverse supports foundational skill development in deaf youth by exposing them to real-world scenarios that will happen in the workplace and challenging them to think about how they might best react. These learning objectives are specially designed to align with the Workplace Readiness category of Pre-employment Transition Services (pre-ETS).

Your students are Catbot’s only hope, so sure to share Deafverse World Two: Revenge of the Deep and start the adventure today!