Historical Documents

Documents from past cycles are available for download below.


Building State Capacity Summit

The overall goal of the Building State Capacity Summit series was to promote successful outcomes for students leaving high school, whether matriculation in a postsecondary education or training program or employment. Young adults who are deaf face barriers that inhibit these successful outcomes. One way to mitigate these barriers is by improving the way that services are provided. To this end, the summit series sought not only to offer information that promotes such change, but also to provide an opportunity to implement and demonstrate change in areas such as services delivery, policy development and implementation, and cross-systems coordination.

Deaf Learners Symposium

The Deaf Learner Symposium was held to better understand the needs of deaf learners. Professionals from across the country complied current practices, policies, challenges, and methodologies. The goal was to improve access and opportunity for deaf students.

Needs Assessment

A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted as part of the first funding cycle from 2012–2016. More than 1,500 deaf individuals, parents, and professionals participated in surveys, interviews, and focus groups throughout spring and summer of 2012. The full details of the needs assessment methods, participants, and results are provided in this report.