Incomplete background used for interactive infographic. See longdesc for complete description of infographicA young boy sits at the head of a table with a thought bubble '??' as his parents sit opposite each other on the sides of the table and speak to each other as they all eat dinner together. Text body: 'Limited access to language and communication across a range of settings results in fewer opportunities for language development and continued incidental learning.'The same people and setting as described in 'Negative Attitudes and Biases' are here (female with talk bubble depicting herself in a nurse’s cap.) This time, the male’s talk bubble is different, reading 'YES!' as he writes on a clipboard.
Text body: 'Parents and professionals who believe that deaf people can succeed make an important contribution to the expectations that deaf people have of themselves, and their motivation to meet their goals.'A row of all the figures seen in previous illustrations all stand side by side. Some are holding thumbs up, others have their arms around a kid. All are smiling. They stand underneath a lime green banner that reads '#DEAFSUCCESS' in handwriting.
Text body: 'Improved collaboration and positive working relationships between systems - within institutions, communities, and states - are critical for deaf individuals’ postsecondary success.'Rows of students sit in a classroom lecture room with professor at head of room. Also at head of the room is a woman typing on a device on a desk and another woman signing as she stands. The professor has a talk bubble that reads 'Today…'. One student has a laptop with 'Today…' written on screen. Another student sits and looks at the laptop as he listens through a cochlear implant and an electronic sound bubble emerges with 'Today…'. A projector screen along the wall also has the text 'Today…'
Text body: 'Environments that are designed with accessibility in mind, tailored to individual needs, and allow for flexibility can maximize access to educational experiences for deaf students.'Six people sit around a conference table with a projector screen on the wall depicting a line graph with two growth lines. The highest line is labeled with an ear, while the lower growing line is labeled with an ear that has a slash through it. A graduation cap sits on top. One individual has a hearing aid. Another individual stands next to the speaker and signs.
Text body: 'Collecting, analyzing, and using data, particularly when in collaboration with deaf people, can identify successful models and support data-driven decision making to improve outcomes.'A female sits on the outside of a desk with a talk bubble showing herself wearing a cap with a hospital cross on the front. A male sits behind the desk with his arms crossed and lines depicting that he is shaking his head no. A talk bubble from him reads: 'NO!' With an ear that has a slash mark through it '=' the image she had of herself with the nurse’s cap and an X through it.
Text body: 'Negative attitudes, biases, and low expectations can reduce deaf people’s resilience to adversity and persistence in meeting their goals.'Five figures stand on the grass in an outdoor setting. In the foreground is a female sitting in a wheelchair with a male standing wearing a shirt that says 'STAFF'. They are signing and their talk bubble depicts a tent and a tree. Behind them are three individuals all talking to each other. One male has a white cane and a cochlear implant. The other has a cochlear implant as well.
Text body: 'Strengthening community networks, building relationships, and increasing access to deaf role models contribute to stronger social capital available to deaf people in their communities.'A female student sits at a desk in a classroom lecture room turns to look back at a female staff member standing in the fore ground. The student has her arms out in a 'what' position with a thought bubble that reads '?'. The female staff holds her arms out in an 'I don’t know' gesture and a thought bubble from her depicts a variety of symbols: ??, laptop, interpreting symbol, pen and paper, telecoil symbol, lips, and lips with an X through it. Text body: 'Many professionals do not have the appropriate qualifications and experience to work with deaf people, resulting in poor quality services.'A male in the foreground sees two female colleagues chat with each other around a water cooler. The male has a thought bubble that depicts him standing with those women along with an interpreter. Text body: 'Reduced access to social opportunities negatively impacts social development, and cuts off access to networks critical for future success.'