Photo of Beatrice Bachleda

Beatrice Bachleda

Social Media Coordinator

Beatrice Bachleda is a social media maven who strives to share the latest knowledge and developments from NDC with the deaf community. She believes that knowledge truly is power. The more education one has, then the stronger one becomes, the further one can go, and the better one can live one’s life. Moreover, every opportunity is an educational opportunity: life, work, interests, and of course, school. She has worked as a freelance writer for online and print publications, co-wrote an award-winning short film, and spends one long sleepless week a year running OYO Camp for Kids With Hearing Loss in Ohio. She is also a certified yoga instructor and will always give you tips on how to stretch your shoulders or relieve your back pain. She has a bachelor of arts in creative writing as well as society and environmental studies from The Ohio State University. Eventually, she hopes to earn a master's in either writing or humanities and the environment.