Natasha Ofili

Marketing Specialist

Natasha is a first generation African American designer who grew up with strong influences from her mother who emigrated from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Natasha faced her own personal challenges at the age of 18 months when she became deaf. However, her challenges only served as a positive driving force as she pursued her dream in fashion through creative talent and determination. Natasha has always been interested in art and her love for surrealist art has emerged in fashion, believing that “Fashion is Art.” Today Natasha Ofili’s work in fashion has been a great journey. She was a Designer for a kids wear manufacturing company, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, in which she designed for licensors such as Hello Kitty and Disney for Dillard’s, Kohl’s and Target.

Natasha has acted in several booked gigs from commercials, short films, theatre and 2 TV series to debut in 2019. In addition to acting, Natasha has been an Executive Producer for a film and led marketing of her fashion blog. She continues to learn the ropes of marketing and looks forward to bridging NDC’s work and the community in different creative ways.