Asian man with gray button up shirt

Savio Chan

Technical Assistance Specialist

Savio grew up in a multicultural deaf and Chinese-American family soaking in the values of advocacy, communication, community, interpersonal connections and collaboration. As a psychology undergraduate, he intently watched on his peers’ fervent dissention of the status quo in and around The University of California at Berkeley as the wave of the Occupy Movement engulfed the campus. The experience triggered a journey toward accessibility, equivalency and independent living; he began work with the California Department of Rehabilitation, where he coordinated services and interacted with individuals with disabilities to access education, vocational training and employment. He listened to countless stories of struggle, oppression, persistence; and of triumph, prosperity and independence. These vignettes of the deaf and disability experience precipitated his completion of a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and Certification in Rehabilitation Counseling (CRC). He hopes to apply the mosaic of stories, experiences and knowledge with a person-centered approach to close rifts between communities, people and individuals.