Improve state outcomes by strengthening data use. collaboration. access. expectations.connections.

Four circles are arranged in a circle within a larger circle showing a clockwise path. The first circle, on the top, is teal and is labeled UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM' in white with more text underneath reading 'Use data to understand the problem and the system in which it exists. -root cause analysis - engage with stakeholders - additional data'. Going clockwise, the second circle is green with text reading 'REVIEW EXTERNAL EVIDENCE' and more text reading 'Be informed by research, literature, and best practices to identify evidence based solutions.' Next circle is orange, 'PLAN FOR SUCCESS' 'Put the pieces together by developing a plan. Indicate who is the focus, what your solution looks like, why you think it will work, and how you will know if it is working.' Next circle is purple, 'IMPLEMENT, MEASURE, AND ADJUST' 'Implement a plan that allows you to measure impact and act on what you learn to inform progress.' Surrounding these circles inside of the larger circle is more text reading 'Leveraging Community Resources' 'Using Data for Decision Making' 'Designing Collaborative Systems' and 'Promoting High Expectations'.